Anticipate, Analyze, Act...SUCCEED


Your one-stop ‘smart’ application for simplified vendor management monitored by Catalyst analyst.

SupplierTRACKER features:
  • Secure Online Document Management
  • Contract Alerts
  • Category Marketplace Information & Price Benchmarks
  • Vendor Insurance Compliance Audit
  • Category Spend Tracking


Secure Document Management

SupplierTRACKER’s Secure Document Management feature makes it easy to locate, view, update, and print supplier documents.
Suppliers and documents can easily be found by name, category, or their assigned site/department code.
Each supplier page features supplier contact information and all expiration and/or renewal dates.
Documents tracked:

  • Contracts
  • Certificates of Insurances
  • W9s
  • Professional Certifications/Licenses
  • and more

Category Strategy Reports

SupplierTRACKER’s Category Strategy Reports allows you to quickly gain a better understanding about the vendor category, common vendors, negotiation tips, and even price benchmarks.  A ‘cheat sheet’ to negotiating the best agreement!

Category Strategy Report

  • Overview
  • Price Benchmarks
  • Supplier Options
  • Sourcing Strategy

Vendor Alert System

SupplierTRACKER’s Vendor Alert System alerts you to upcoming contract action items, such as expiration dates and auto-renewal deadlines.

Alerts are sent via email and consolidated under the “Action Items” section of the application.  Alerts are designated by the site/department code so your users only alerts that apply to the vendors they are responsible for.


  • Contract Expiration Alerts at 90, 60, 30 days from deadline
  • Automatic Renewal Alerts at 75, 45, 15 days from deadline

Automatic Proof of Insurance Auditing

SupplierTRACKER analysts monitor certificates of insurance of onsite vendors to assure they are up-to-date and available at your fingertips.  Make that next 1099 proof of insurance request from your WC insurance company a bit less painful.