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Anticipate, Analyze, Act...SUCCEED


Your one-stop ‘smart’ application for simplified vendor management monitored by Catalyst analyst.

SupplierTRACKER features:

  • Secure Document Management
  • Expiration Alert System
  • Pricing Benchmarks
  • Compliance Document Refreshment


Document Management

What you can’t find can HURT you

SupplierTRACKER gives you a single, secure spot to access and track your vendor documents.

Endless file cabinet searching is over.

Vendor Alerts

Don’t get BURNED by deadlines.

SupplierTRACKER alerts you to upcoming contract deadlines for proactive vendor management.

Protect your flexibility and leverage.

Price Benchmarks

Negotiate smarter with DATA.

SupplierTRACKER gives you price benchmarks to compare what organizations have negotiated.

Negotiate from a position of power.

Compliance Document Refreshment

ELIMINATE your liability

Catalyst Sourcing Analysts automatically update your vendor insurance documents to reduce your risk.

Minimize your risk.

Secure Document Management

SupplierTRACKER’s Secure Document Management feature makes it easy to locate, view, update, and print supplier documents.

Suppliers and documents can easily be found by name, category, or their assigned site/department code.

Each supplier page features supplier contact information and all expiration and/or renewal dates.

Documents tracked:

  • Contracts
  • Certificates of Insurances
  • W9s
  • Professional Certifications/Licenses
  • and more

Vendor Alert System

SupplierTRACKER’s Vendor Alert System alerts you to upcoming contract action items, such as expiration dates and auto-renewal deadlines.

Alerts are sent via email and consolidated under the “Action Items” section of the application.  Alerts are designated by the site/department code so your users only alerts that apply to the vendors they are responsible for.


  • Contract Expiration Alerts at 120, 60, 30 days from deadline
  • Automatic Renewal Alerts at 75 and 45 days from deadline

Price Benchmark Database

SupplierTRACKER’s Price Benchmark Database allows you to compare your prices to pricing negotiated by other organizations similar to yours.  Search the countless benchmarks of various services and supplies to locate where you can negotiate a better price.

Price Benchmark Criteria

  • Estimated annual supplier spend level
  • Region
  • Local, Regional, or National Supplier
  • Branded, Generic, or Proprietary Products
  • Contract type (Government, binding, etc.)

Compliance Document Refreshment

SupplierTRACKER’s Compliance Document Refreshment Services assures that your vendors are not bringing additional risk to your organization.  Catalyst sourcing analysts monitor certificates of insurance and professional certifications to assure they are up-to-date and at your fingertips.

Documents Auto-Refreshed:

  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Professional/Regulatory Certifications
  • Required Licenses
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