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Purchasing expertise when you need it.

Professional Services

Not every organization has a full-service procurement department. 

If you are one of those organizations – Catalyst can help. 

The Catalyst team provides you the resources, expertise, and data to efficiently manage your vendor costs and purchasing.

Catalyst provides three types of purchasing services:

  • On-Demand Purchasing
  • Purchasing Compliance Support
  • Vendor Analysis & Document Recovery

On-Demand Purchasing

Catalyst’s On-Demand Purchasing Services gives your organization the resources you need to find, compare, and negotiate the best deals.

Our team works directly with your managers, providing the research, diligence, coordination, and negotiation to secure better terms, lower pricing, additional value adds.

On-Demand Purchasing includes:

  • Request For Proposal (RFP)
  • Bid Process Management
  • Supplier Re-negotiation
  • Supplier Vetting
  • Purchasing Diligence
RFP, quote and purchase words written on a dry erase board to do list to remind you to answer a request for proposal and provide costs or prices to new customers or prospects

Purchasing Compliance Support

Catalyst’s Purchasing Compliance Support helps assure your managers are following processes that assure best value, fairness, and protect your organization from fraud.

Whether your purchasing policies are internal or mandated by regulation, Catalyst can help assure that the correct purchasing process is utilized within your organization.

Purchasing Support includes:

  • Purchasing Policy & Process Guide development
  • Requisition Review and Approval
  • Purchasing Support Help Desks

Supplier Analysis and Document Recovery

Catalyst’s Supplier Analysis Services will simplify the way you look at supplier expenses.  Our team can breakdown your expenses by category to better identify supplier redundancies, waste, and identify potential fraud.  Our analysts can contact your vendors directly obtain all contracts and documents are on file and tracked in SupplierTRACKER.

Expense Analysis includes:

  • Category Spend Reporting
  • Supplier Counts
  • Document recovery
  • SupplierTRACKER setup
3d render of a pie chart with magnifying glass over the word expenses
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