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Our Story

Launched in 2014, Catalyst Sourcing Solution was developed on the idea that any organization can manage vendors efficiently with the right tools and support.  Our vision was to provide the tools, data, and expertise to allow every client to have a best-in-class purchasing strategy.

In 2017, we launched SupplierTRACKER, a one-spot smart application to simplify vendor management. 

SupplierTRACKER combines into a single hub:

  • Vendor document management
  • Marketplace pricing benchmarks for services and supplies
  • Contract expiration tracking
  • Automatic refreshment of insurance and compliance documents

Our Professional Services have helped our clients conduct processes that have saved MILLIONS of dollars in operating expenses.

We believe in an “attitude of servitude” and are passionate about helping our customers negotiate the most valuable agreements with the best vendors.

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Our Approach to Purchasing

Total Value Driven

Looking at more than just price.

Catalyst approaches purchasing from our client’s set objectives – both financial AND strategic.  We find total value and fit – not a ‘cheap’ price.

Learn from Experience

Learn and leverage.

Our team of procurement professionals provide you the expertise and process management to secure strong, valuable vendor relationships

Partnership Focus

Respectful and collaborative.

Our team collaborates with vendors to better understand their business model, needs, costs, and challenges to build trusting vendor partnerships for our clients.

Industries using Catalyst

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